Who we are

Experts in hyper-personalised, multi-channel shopper activation

Experts in shopper behaviour,

we have been using our expertise and personalised solutions for almost 40 years, to drive long-term shopper loyalty.

Leaders in targeted consumer activation.

We deliver future focused customer activation solutions that draw on real-time analytics, data, insight and intelligence, to create hyper-personalised, multi-channel solutions that activate shoppers wherever they are.

Access to the most powerful consumer data

Unrivalled knowledge of both retail and consumer behaviour that’s based on real-time data.

We help retailers find solutions that allow them to connect with shoppers through various channels – in-store and digital - in personalised ways that excite and engage them to become loyal fans.

Access to 100 % of purchase data

Each year 15 billion transactions are analysed

1,500 employees, including 250 data scientists, data analysts and consultants

Our platform is connected
to more than
30,000 stores globally

Combining leading consultancy and cutting-edge technology

Supported by robust AI/ML models, our team of experts help retailers find, understand, engage and ultimately build loyalty with their audiences.

Delivered on a turnkey basis, our solutions are custom designed to meet your individual needs.

Unrivaled, multi-channel audience

We help retailers find and identify target audiences using our retail intelligence and our deep-rooted understanding of shopper behaviour.

Our solutions allow retailers to connect with shoppers through various channels – in-store and digital - in personalised ways that excite and engage them to become loyal fans.

An audience of 130

20 billion offers delivered both off and online each year

and optimization

100 % of campaigns measured

ROI-first activation solutions

Accurate, reliable and efficient hyper-personalised solutions.

With access to a powerful real-time consumer database, we can track purchasing data and apply our proven analytical models to understand shopper behaviour, insight and intelligence.

A global network

Catalina is an international company operating across the largest global markets.

Born in the United States, the Catalina adventure spreads over 6 main countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Japan; markets that represent more than 750 million potential shoppers.

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Our team of forward-thinking leaders are curious, creative problem solvers, with a deep-rooted passion for understanding retail, shopper behaviour and loyalty. We are always on the lookout for talented people.
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