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Digital Sampling

Every interaction with consumers offers the opportunity to form data empowering your brand to tap into a wealth of valuable insights and gain an understand of performance.​

Create a digital sampling experience that enables you to measure impact, learn more about your audience & drive loyalty.

conversion rate (Frozen desert brands use case)
conversion rate (Beverage brands use case)

How does Digital Sampling work?

  • 1.

    Engage consumersthorugh QR code or digital channels

  • 2.

    Outline campaignShopper receives instructions & engages​

  • 3.

    Fulfil the offer

    Consumer purchases product & uploads their receipt, if not they are reminded via email/SMS

  • 4.

    Identify customer feedback

    Customised Market Survey is filled out and collected

  • 5.

    Reward is appliedConsumer gets an instant rebate

First steps with Digital Sampling

Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the deployment of Digital Sampling to improve your performance.

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