October 2nd 2023 #News #Agenda

Driving Retail Innovation for 40 Years: Catalina's Legacy of Shopper Activation and Data-Driven Excellence

It’s a big month for Catalina as we mark a milestone anniversary: 40 years of influencing shopper behaviour and driving retail innovation across the globe. And, what a remarkable journey it’s been. For four decades we have been trusted to deliver highly targeted, personalised advertising and promotional messages to shoppers in-store. We created an innovative solution which has been unrivalled since!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, as my team and I here in the UK are also getting ready to attend the Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) in London on the 4th and 5th of October. Industry decision-makers will be out in force at this key event looking to improve their customer experiences. We’ll be delving deep into the current issues facing retailers and brands and providing insight and practical solutions to enhance their offerings, and we have an exciting panel line-up too.

As we proudly reflect on the journey our organisation has been on since 1983, I would love to take this opportunity to share our story of innovation, and how the brand set the stage for a retail revolution; from pioneering how retailers across the world engage with their shoppers, to developing unmatched data-driven innovation we remain at the forefront of influencing shopper behaviour.

A Legacy of Innovation Since 1983, trusted by retailers and brands alike

Since our launch in 1983, we have been leaders in the retail industry; revolutionising the way brands connect with their shoppers. Our commitment to innovation has fuelled our consistent success and has made us a trusted partner for more than 120 retailers and over 8,000 brands. What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit to understand shopper behaviour andpersonalise shopper rewards. My favourite Deals (MFD) is a perfect example of this is our groundbreaking approach to 1:1 marketing where we consistently deliver highly targeted and personalised advertising and promotional messages to retailers’ shoppers, both in-store and through an array of multimedia channels. The key to success in the retail industry lies in understanding the unique preferences and needs of individual shoppers and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly. We have been making this a reality for decades, it’s what we know how to do

40 Years of Unmatched Innovation

In the fast-paced world of retail, innovation is the key to growth. Catalina understands this, and for four decades, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible. One of our most recent and remarkable achievements is the development – ‘Shop & Play’. Committed to staying ahead of the curve, 'Shop & Play' is a prime example of how we have reshaped the retail landscape, specifically in eComm. By seamlessly integrating shopping and gamification,  the solution seamlessly enhances the shopping experience, excites shoppers, drives full priced product sales, and builds stronger connections between brands and shoppers.

Masters of Retail Media Networks

In addition to our expertise in personalised marketing, Catalina has also proven its knowledge in the world of retail media networks – a powerful advertising service that enables brands to connect with consumers at the point of purchase. Our ability to leverage data and insights to create meaningful connections between brands and shoppers has enabled us to establish a strong presence in this dynamic space. Through our retail media networks, we empower brands to reach their target audience with precision and impact, delivering unparalleled results.

Looking Ahead: IRX 2023

As well as celebrating this huge milestone for our company, we are looking forward to this leading industry event. Amongst reconnecting with friends in the industry and creating new connections, we cannot wait to share our insights, experiences, and visions for the future of retail. Ultimately, we believe that data-driven innovation is the key to staying relevant and thriving in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Our decades of experience have taught us that understanding shoppers on an individual level and using data to drive innovation are not just buzzwords but essential strategies for success. We will not only showcase our journey and highlight how our innovative solutions have reshaped the retail experience but will be joined by industry movers and shakers on three separate panel discussions.

In conclusion, Catalina's legacy of 40 years in the retail industry is a testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, shopper engagement, and data-driven excellence. With 'Shop & Play,' our pioneering 1:1 marketing approach, and our expertise in retail media networks, we continue to evolve and redefine the retail landscape. We look forward to sharing our insights and experiences at IRX 2023 and to partnering with retailers and brands to create a more personalised and engaging future for shoppers everywhere. Together, we can unlock the full potential of data-driven innovation in retail.

If you would like to join us at this premier event to explore the latest trends, exchange ideas, and discover how Catalina can be your trusted partner in driving shopper engagement and retail success, please do not hesitate to get in touch: https://catalina.co.uk/contact-us