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Coupon at Till

Inspire shoppers to make personal choices that make them feel good about everyday purchases

Cultivate customer affinity with coupon campaigns that establish a distinctive value proposition, fostering brand exposure and incentivising repeat purchases

Average redemption rate
increase on basket value when engaged with C@T

Why use Coupon at Till?

Reach 100% of your audience

through targeted and mass-marketed campaigns. All GDPR compliant

Showcase your promotions

boost engagement and gain information on your customers with exclusive promotions just for them

Simple customer journey

through a strategic channel – where it can be hard to stand out

Exciting customer experience

with multiple mechanics that surprise and delight your customers whilst boosting sales and recruiting new customers

Measurable performance

for campaign impact and ROI based on actual shopping data

How does Coupon at Till work?

  • 1.

    Create targeting

    based on your marketing objectives

  • 2.

    Setting up the campaign

    calibration of offers, allocation of distribution channels

  • 3.

    Offer distribution

    for customers receiving the printed coupon at all available point of sales

  • 4.

    Fulfil the offer

    through purchase at checkouts and self-checkouts in store

  • 5.

    Reward is applied

    immediately, upon validation of the offer, on the customer's loyalty card or basket value

  • 6.

    Measure impacts

    of the exposed target audience compared to the control groups

First steps with Coupon at Till

Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the deployment of Coupon at Till to improve your performance.

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