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Shopper Voice

Give shoppers the chance to have their say and make a valuable contribution towards future change

Digital surveys that simply capture feedback and will ultimately improve the customer experience

Why use Shopper Voice?

Minimise Risk

Understand market needs in real time with a campaign that delivers actionable insights


Campaigns are fully adaptable and personalised depending on your objectives


Use learnings to shape your shoppers' habits and improve the repeat purchase


Leverage and invest budgets efficiently driving profitability through customer insight

How does Shopper Voice work?

  • 1.

    1. Creation of the survey & targeting based on your marketing objectives

  • 2.

    2. Multi-channel communication delivered through digital and paper channels

  • 3.

    3. Completion of the surveydigitally with targeted responses

  • 4.

    4. Real time metricsCampaign analysis with actionable insights

First steps with Shopper Voice

Our experts are at your disposal to discuss the deployment of Shopper Voice to improve your performance.

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